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Sundays at Mass
10:00 AM Mass in English
Los Domingos en la Misa
12:30 PM Misa en Español
Monday- Office Hours 8:30 am - 1:00 pm 
6-7 pm Aerobics Class
7-9 pm NA Meeting 
Tuesday- Office Closed 
6:30 pm Youth Group meets
8:00-9:30 pm AA meeting
Wednesday- Office Hours 8:30 am -1:00 pm
6-7 pm Aerobics Class
7:00 pm Prayer and Adoration
Thursday - Office Closed 
 No events or activities 
Friday- Office Hours 8:30 am - 1:00 pm  
9-12 am Art Class for Seniors
6-7 pm Aerobics
7-9 pm Grupo Hispano/ Estudio Biblico
9 am Confirmation class (when in session)
9 am First Communion class (when in session)
4th Saturday 
Dispensa de Comida/ Food Bank.
8:30 am doors open, first come first served
10-00 am English Mass
12:30 pm  Spanish Mass 
8:30 pm AA Mtg Sunday Evening Group
We are in service to those with HIV/AIDS, the GBLT community, the immigrants,  youth and children of our city, our local schools, the hungry and homeless, and all the men and women from around here who hunger and thirst for Jesus, for good news, and for community. 
THE FOOD BANK - the 4th Saturday, 8:30 AM.
KEHILIDAD - our partnership with Temple Beth Israel. We are volunteering at the Richard Riordan and Monte Vista elementary schools, right next door, on Thursdays, reading with the children and playing after school. Call the church for more information
THE BATTERED WOMEN'S SHELTER - the youth group are providing love (and toys) for families staying at our local shelter during Christmas. Make a donation today.
THE CONVALESCENT HOME - the youth are visiting the convalescent home at Valentine's Day to share the love with those there.
Weare a diverse, bilingual community, here to tell the stories of Jesus through evangelism, outreach, empowerment, worship and education; to discover new ways to convey and celebrate the Good News of Jesus Christ in worship, work and action; to share the New Wine of the Gospel by designing and sewing New Wineskins in which to serve it. Whoever you are, you will be welcomed here.
5619 Monte Vista Street, Los Angeles, CA 90042     
323-255-6806    allsaintsla@gmail.com
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March 1st  Marde Gras Party. 6:00 pm

March 5th:  Bilingual Mass with distribution of Ashes
until 9:00 pm.

Stations of the Cross every Wednesday night during 
Lent at 7:00 pm. (Bilingual).

April 13th  Street procession with palms into church 
followed by celebration of the Eucharist. 10:00 am 
English Mass, and 12:30 pm Spanish Mass
April 14th  Holy Monday. Healing Mass (Bilingual)​
                                     7:00 pm

April 15th  Holy Tuesday. Nailing of Sins to the Cross 
                                      (Bilingual 7:00 pm)

April 16th  Holy Wednesday. Living Stations of the  
                                         Cross (Bilingual 7:00 pm

April 17th   Holy Thursday   Foot washing and 
                                        stripping of the altar
                                        Followed by visitation                                               of the Eucharist
                                        till 5:00 am (Bilingual)

April 18th  Good Friday    12:00 pm to 3:00 pm  
                                       Jesus hanging on the 
                                       7:00 pm Veneration of the
                                       Cross with Eucharist

April 19th  Holy Saturday  Church clean-up

April 20thEaster Sunday   English Mass 10:00 am
                                        Spanish Mass 12:30 pm
                                        Easter egg hunt after
                                        both services.